Line Dancing

line_dancingDon’t forget our Line dancing class on Friday’s at 1:00pm join us for beginners class and 2:00pm for intermediate class

Bring a friend and get a free class! Starting  in November!!!

Leading and following

It isn’t always an easy job to “lead” in dancing. As a matter of fact, leading and following are both a difficult task to many dancers. First for female teachers, you tend to back lead your partner, which isn’t a good thing. The anticipation of the moves are also high risk.  So you must learn to balance your teaching with your dance instruction.

I always get asked, “How do I know when the guy is going to do such and such?”

That is a REALLY good question! This is why we need to learn to lead with our bodies and not our arms and legs. They are only tools added to the dance.  Many men don’t give their partner a clue to when they are about to begin or do a certain move.  By the time they actually move their partner can feel a sudden “jerk” so to speak, kind of like popping a clutch on a car.

Learning to lean will prevent this action of “popping the clutch” and getting off to a really rough start. By starting all your movements with a slight lean, you decrease the potential for false anticipation by your dance partner and build her self confidence in your ability to lead.

Ladies, you can tap into this LEAN your partner is doing and you will be able to correctly anticipate the direction he wishes to go or the move he wishes to do.

The amount of “lean” depends to how large or small the step will be.  If he leans a lot, get ready for a big step, if he leans a little then a small step is going to happen.

Pretty Simple? Maybe, but it needs to be practiced together. Dancing together and learning to MOVE together make you both a better dancer!

Enjoy you dance and come out this weekend as well as the 4th for some celebration of the Fourth of July!5967_569340763084497_1671773906_n

Change Your Life….Learn to Dance

Did you ever want to learn a certain type of Dance?

Well you can at Desert Star Ballroom.

We offer, Line Dancing,foxtrot,Waltz, American Tango, Argentine Tango, nightclub two step, swing, jitterbug, east and west swing, rumba, cha cha cha, samba, salsa, merengue, hustle,hip hop.

Once you have learned the dance you can come and practice at the open dances Friday and Saturday 7-11pm

Walk in classes are $5 per person
If you would like a private lesson call 928 208 0274

Open Dances $5 per per person

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